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Project Planner

In some cases, it is difficult to provide budget ranges for elements of a project. (ie: a retaining wall) These types of projects require an onsite visit to give you a budget range as every situation is different. So if you are not finding what you are looking for in the Project Planner, select at least one item that is the closest to what you need, describe your needs in the comments field below, and type in your budget range.

(Note: You will need to select at least one item to successfully submit the Project Planner)


Side Walkway

Longer Sidewalk connecting front and back
$4-6k   |   $6-10k   |   $10-18k

Front Entrance Walk/Stoop

Medium entrance with steps and landings
$7-12k   |   $12-18k   |   $18-25k


Medium-sized paver patio with room for dining and lounging. 30'x30' space
$12-15k   |   $15-30k   |   $30-70k

Built-in BBQ Kitchen/Bar

A mid size outdoor kitchen with room for built-in BBQ and other appliances
$15-20k   |   $20-30k   |   $30-60k

Water Features

$3,900   |   $10,500   |   $14,250

Bubbling Rocks

The Cascade. 3 medium-sized boulders with 2' holes & accent boulders and LED lights.
$15,600   |   $25,800   |   $31,950

Premiere Collection Ponds

The Lotus. Custom 11x16 pond with 10' stream, bigger more artistic waterfalls, large mossy boulders, LED lights, etc.
$9,300   |   $12,600   |   $18,750

Premiere Collection Waterfalls

Appalachian Run. 10' custom pondless waterfall, large mossy boulders from the Ozarks LED lights, waterfall quality systems, etc.
$8-10k   |   $13-18k   |   $20-35k

Premiere Collection Fountainscape

3-6 of the Copper bowls and/or Slate Urns used in combination and built-in medium-sized scale with neutral boulders that would form a waterfall

Simplicity Series Waterfall

3-4' long miniature stream with 2 waterfalls
$9,300   |   $12,600   |   $18,750

Simplicity Series Pond

10x14' pond with small waterfall on edge of pond. Large enough for 6-10 fish.

Simplicity Series Fountains

2 Copper bowls water fountain

Swimming Pools

$9,300   |   $12,600   |   $18,750

Cabana/Pool House

A medium-sized cabana with a bar, and finished with veneer stone, etc.
$9,300   |   $12,600   |   $18,750

Swimming Pools (fiberglass)

A fiberglass pool with low maintenance, and low upkeep costs. Basic functional decking and fencing included.


$9,300   |   $12,600   |   $18,750
$9,300   |   $12,600   |   $18,750
$9,300   |   $12,600   |   $18,750
$9,300   |   $12,600   |   $18,750


Medium-sized yard with several trees and a mix of evergreens, shrubs, and perennials/grasses. Includes soil & mulch.


25-45 lifetime warranty LED low voltage light fixtures


Mid-sized pavilion with room to lounge


Mid-sized backyard- subwoofer, rock & bollard speakers. Controlled with wifi technology.

What services can we help you with?

Lot Size
Water Features
Swimming Pools
Pavilian and Pergola
Outdoor Audio
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