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How we can transform your indoor and outdoor spaces with designs that pack an innovative punch

Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling has a unique perspective when designing inside and outside spaces.

From designing backyard kitchens that look like they belong indoors—complete with granite countertops, refrigerators and sinks—to remodeling home interiors by taking down walls to create an open-concept design with views of the yard, this locally owned company is seamlessly blending indoor-outdoor living spaces.

“We are creating outdoor spaces in backyards that are similar to an indoor open-concept family room and kitchen,” says Joe Chiera, who, along with his wife, Kristen and Jeff Heinl, owns Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling. “We make spaces, which can have a TV, furniture and a place to eat, where you can gather with family. These spaces are an extension of your home and provide extra square footage of living space.”

Oftentimes, this means building a pavilion or three-season room to provide extra cover.

“We are building lots of A-frame pavilions, which are a more modern take on traditional octagonal gazebos,” says Joe. “Plus, a pavilion shelters you from the rain and allows you to use the space year-round. We can even install power retractable screens to keep the bugs at bay.”

The company can incorporate a mix of water and fire features, as well as lots of natural elements, in its landscape designs with the same goal: to provide an outdoor space that is relaxing and rejuvenating.

“As a kid, I was always playing in the woods and creeks, so I really enjoy bringing that sense of adventure to backyard landscapes,” comments Joe. “There are a lot of different focal points we can add to your landscape design, including water features.”

“Water features are like a work of art,” adds Jeff Heinl, who has been with the company since its inception. “A water feature is like an abstract painting that you don’t really design but masterfully create on the spot, letting the stones and boulders lie naturally.”

Whether an intricate waterfall built into the hillside or bubbling basalt columns, the sound of trickling water will turn your backyard into a resort-like oasis. And you can add a water feature practically anywhere.

“We just created a pond-less water feature near the front door of a home in Wadsworth,” says Joe. “We built a hidden reservoir of water underground that recirculates the water and bubbles over natural boulders. To soften the hardscape, we planted boxwoods, hydrangeas and New Guinea impatiens so it blends right in.”

Always with a nod to nature, the company designs one-of-a-kind landscapes. The team recently built four sandstone pillars with a guardrail-type railing and pavers underneath to create a striking landscape design element that mimics a bridge crossing over a ravine leading up to the house.

Courtesy of Laura Briedis of Mimi Vanderhaven - READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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