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Historic Structure Saved...


The Condo Association which owns the property asked us to rebuild this wall which was protected by the Twinsburg Historical Society. By reusing the existing foundation stone material, we were able to tear it down piece by piece and rebuild stronger than before.


This came with its challenges, which we love to come across and conquer. The weather did not cooperate very well and the foundation stone used was constantly wet & slippery because of the moss growth over the years. Not only that, many pieces weighed over 2 tons! Working on a busy street didn't help either, but the community was very supportive and cautious while passing by.


Finishing a project like this gives us the ultimate sense of pride and fulfillment. Over the years, countless others have put in a lot of time and hard work to preserve this historic site and now we can say we had a part in it, also.


You can trust that our team at Impact Landscaping will carefully engineer the best way to complete any existing rebuilds, no matter how challenging.

Burridge Place
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