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To fully appreciate Canal Place, one must acknowledge its proud past, its role in the community and the groundwork it has laid for an exciting future. The year was 1871 when Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich relocated his small rubber company from Melrose, NY to Akron, OH. With over 90 buildings by the end of WWII, the complex was a self-contained city with its own police, fire and medical services and boasted the first telephone system in Akron. 


On the site of BFGoodrich’s 1871 rubber factory, Canal Place now houses nearly 100 thriving businesses. From independent business ventures to Fortune 500 companies and corporate headquarters, there is a synergy that creates an entrepreneurial environment. This 12 building, 24.5-acre complex offers absolutely unique facilities including adaptable, high-potential space, plentiful natural light and high ceilings, and full floors available for signature offices with growth easily accommodated.

Canal Place 
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